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Maiden Cops is a Beat'm Up full of classic, arcade-style action and ass kicking.
Choose among the gorgeous Maiden Cops policewomen and enjoy premium-level pixel art and a breathtaking soundtrack.


Maiden City faces the fury of a secret organization called "The Liberators", which wishes to remove the individual freedoms of citizens through chaos and violence. They intend to first create the problem so they can then offer the solution.

Maiden Cops, a private law enforcement corporation, is on a mission to protect its clients in Maiden City. Will it be possible for our heroines to put a stop to the Liberators' nefarious plans?

Priscilla, Nina and Meiga will kick the asses of anyone trying to disturb the peace and tranquility of Maiden City.

Main Characters

Priscila Salamander

Recently graduated from the military academy. Always energetic, smiling and willing. Since she was little, Priscilla dreamed of becoming a police officer, maintaining order and justice and protecting the weak.

Nina Usagi

Don't be fooled by her looks. Nina is the most experienced on the team. Lazy and playful, she goes soft on the job whenever the situation allows it. However, when forced, she performs her duty with excellence! Being the most experienced in the group, she naturally assumes the role of group leader when fighting crime in Maiden City.

Meiga Holstaur

Coming from a historically renowned family of fighters and warriors, her family currently operates a security business. Meiga's brute strength contrasts with her "darling", sweet and shy personality. A super friendly and kind girl. Meiga chose to be part of Maiden Cops to keep people safe and the environment conducive to kindness and love among the people of Maiden City.


» Frantic and unforgiving ass kicking.

» Beautiful pixel art animations.

» Breathtaking original soundtrack.

» Invite your friend to face crime. Multiplayer for 2 players.

» 3 gorgeous playable protagonists, each with their own special fighting style and abilities!

» Difficulty settings.

» Several unlockable items such as images, music and looks for the protagonists.

» Demolish crime while driving cars and motorcycles.

» Special foods for each of the protagonists.


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