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Maiden Cops is a Beat'm Up full of classic, arcade-style action and ass kicking. Choose among the gorgeous Maiden Cops policewomen, tackle crime in Maiden City and enjoy premium-level pixel art and a breathtaking soundtrack.


Maiden City faces the fury of a secret criminal organization called "The Liberators," which seeks to control the city and its inhabitants through violence, fear, and chaos.

The police corporation, Maiden Cops, is in Maiden City to combat crime. Will our heroines be able to thwart the nefarious plans of The Liberators?

Join Priscila, Nina, Meiga, and the Maiden Cops to eradicate crime and maintain peace and tranquility in Maiden City!

Main Characters

Priscila Salamander

Priscila is a recent graduate from the Maiden Cops academy. She is always energetic, smiling, and eager. Since she was little, Priscila had a dream of becoming a Maiden Cop, to maintain order, justice, and protect the weak. Because she is very naive and innocent, she often finds herself in troublesome situations, but she can rely on her teammates to help her out of them!

Nina Usagi

Don't be fooled by appearances. Nina is the oldest in the team! She can be quite lazy, always taking it easy whenever an opportunity arises, but despite that, she is one of the most efficient Maiden Cops in the Corporation. Due to her experience in the Maiden Cops, she was assigned as the leader of a group of troublesome rookies, Priscila Salamander, and Meiga Holstaur. Nina's days of peace and tranquility are over!

Meiga Holstaur

Coming from a renowned family of fighters and warriors throughout history, Meiga is currently engaged in security business and is a recent graduate from the Maiden Cops academy. The brute strength of Meiga contrasts with her "meiga," sweet, and shy personality. She is an extremely kind and gentle Holstaur. By choosing to be part of Maiden Cops, Meiga aims to protect Maiden City and carry on her family's legacy while also satisfying some of her peculiar interests.


» Frantic and relentless brawling.

» Beautiful pixel art animations.

» Original and immersive soundtrack.

» Call a friend to take on crime in Maiden City. 2-player multiplayer mode.

» 3 beautiful playable heroines, each with their own fighting style.

» Difficulty selection.

» Unlock various items such as images, music, trophies, and outfits for the heroines.

» Take down crime riding motorcycles.

» Humorous and well-crafted storyline.

» Different types of Monster Girls and adorable Waifus!


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