You’ve got a single purpose in Wife Quest: rescue Fernando, your kidnapped husband, who’s been snatched by Morganna, the Dark Elf. During your adventure, you’ll face Morganna’s companions, the Monster Girls.

Help Mia, in this 2D retro platformer, a cute and charismatic former warrior who lives alongside Fernando, a mere farmer. Mia happens to be overjealous and quick to anger, but only if faced with anyone who happens to hit on her hubby!

Help Mia rescue her beloved and teach those thieves a good lesson. Maybe they’ll learn not to mess with Fernando!


» High-fi graphics: Gorgeous pixel art, animation and key art;

» A great journey: Various levels like hills, forests, volcanic landscapes and caves, each presenting unique challenges;

» Lots of challenges: Face different kinds of Monster Girls like goblins, lamias, slimes and many more;

» A humorous plot: Wife Quest is filled with amusing interactions between the overjealous Mia and all the Monster Girls who keep getting in her way;

» Teach them a good lesson: Watch and help Mia punish those husband-snatching ladies! Each boss has unique animations;

» Get stronger: Make Mia tougher by unlocking new abilities after defeating each boss and by buying equipment at Ymir’s store;

» Unlockable content: Wife Quest in-game songs, gallery images (both of the couple and the girls), mini-games, Mia’s finishing move animations and unlockable achievements;

» Replay Value: Unlock Magic Mode that will reward you with new skins for Mia.







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Wife Quest Credits

Ricardo Luiz
CEO, Game Designer, Producer and Programmer

George Franklin
Artist, Animator 2d, Graphic Designer and Lead Artist

Daniel Geber and Vítor Soares
Composers and Sound Designers


Saulo Daniel
Artist, Animator 2d, Programmer and Lead Tecnical


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